WaBA/LCPI Event:

2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum

Thursday, December 12, 2019, 4-6:00 PM
Mercer Island Community & Event Center

Join other leaders for a high level perspective on Washington state’s progress towards effective climate change management. We’ll review what’s working, what’s not, and where we want to be going in 2020 and beyond. We will focus on the opportunity with Cap & Invest and answer big questions with far reaching implications for our state, such as:

  • What would a Washington state Cap & Invest program look like?
  • How would it impact different business sectors and regions?
  • What would it mean for tribes, workers, and highly-impacted communities?
  • Could it help address the revenue shortfall created by the passage of I-976?

The forum will bring together a wide array of perspectives on these topics, including those of state lawmakers. We hope you can join in and help build a deeper and more inclusive dialogue.

And we’ll socialize after the review with some refreshments.  All at the beautiful Mercer Island Community & Event Center, a minute off I-90, with free parking and an EV charger.

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