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Topic: Innovation and Economic Opportunity

Appendix: Wasted Energy additional details

Section 1: Updating the Sankey diagram
Sankey Diagrams, like those produced by LLNL, are an information-rich visual depiction of energy or other (e.g. carbon, money) flows from inputs to final use.

Section 2:...

Data Viz: Carbon Competitiveness

The ratio of GDP to CO2 emissions. Increasing carbon competitiveness means reducing the carbon intensity of our economy. Metric tons of CO2 equivalent emitted per million dollars of GDP generated. GDP...

Creating a Market for Cross-Laminated Timber

Progress in creating a regional and national market for cross laminated timber (CLT), an innovative building material rich in economic and environmental potential, was celebrated at a gathering of industry, design, academic, environmental and political...

Composite Recycling Facility Hits New Milestone

Earlier this month a new agreement was announced between the Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC), the Tennessee-based national composites manufacturing institute, and Peninsula College. The CRTC is a prime model that aligns with PLAN Washington’s...

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