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Topic: Electric System Decarbonization

Data Viz: Electricity Affordability

Weighted average of retail electricity rates, in cents per kilowatt hour.

Cost of electricity is an especially important factor for manufacturing industries and larger commercial enterprises. It’s...

How Clean is Washington State’s Electric Grid?

Washington State has the second cleanest electricity grid in the entire country. We rank just behind Vermont in the latest state-by-state comparison of who has the least carbon-intensive electricity supply. Even better, Washington has the...

Washington Solar Policy: Impact and Gaps

A 2014 survey by Solar Washington, published by the CleanTech Alliance, states: “Results from the data show that for every dollar of the Washington State solar incentive redirected to PV system owners, the state sees...

Consumer Appeal, Risks and Choices

In this blog post, I’ll review solar’s unique attributes that are not currently captured in the price of solar, as measured through RECRIP and net metering.

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