Low Carbon

Prosperity Institute

Low Carbon Prosperity means lower costs of doing business, higher incomes, a cleaner environment, and a better quality of life.


Washington’s economy wastes over $20 billion/year in energy and congestion — almost as much as we spend on operating the state government.  We can strengthen our economic vitality while simultaneously slashing greenhouse gas emissions by using the methods of entrepreneurial businesses — pursue aggressive but achievable goals, leverage enabling technologies, and tune based on actual results.

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The Low Carbon Prosperity Institute provides the persistent and accurate signal guiding us toward a prosperous low carbon future.


Reliable and Affordable Low Carbon Electricity


Less Spent on Energy – More Money in Consumer Pockets


Job Growth in Rural Communities


Thriving CleanTech Sector with Global Reach


Public-Private Partnerships for Maximum Effectiveness


Lower Traffic Congestion and Higher Productivity

What is the LCP Institute?


Win-Win Solutions with a Dual Aim


Finding Common Ground on Carbon Reduction


Informed Research and Honest Analysis


Business Thinking & Process


Solutions Tailored to Washington